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A ceiling fan in every room can help lower your heating and cooling costs in hot or cold seasons. Beyond their practical use in heating and cooling, they can also be attached to various light fixtures. They can provide overhead lighting for space. Ceiling fans can also be an integral piece of the design of your space.

Ceiling fans often come in five, four, and three-blade designs. They also come in various light fixture sizes and styles. The fixtures may have one or many bulb options.

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Ceiling fans come in a variety of blade sizes to fit the space in which they are installed. Choose a larger fan blade for larger spaces and smaller blades or tighter spaces.

Blades themselves come in a variety of colors and styles. Be sure to pick a style that matches the room in which it will be installed.

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Ceiling fans have motors that can last for years. They also have reversible motors that can be switched to change the direction of the airflow to heat or cool a room.

Ceiling fans are often installed in kitchens, bedrooms, main living areas, main entry areas, or other entertainment spaces. They can be flush mounted to the ceiling or mounted to an extension for very high ceilings.

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