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chandelier lighting in a variety of styles

Chandeliers were once only used to make an impressive statement upon entering a grand hall. Today, chandeliers continue to make an impressive statement but are more widely affordable and available. Chandeliers are being used in a variety of locations in the home including, the kitchen, the family room, informal and formal dining areas, entryways, foyers, stairway landings, and outdoor settings.

There are numerous types of chandeliers available today, fitting a variety of design styles and motifs. Crystal chandeliers are a perennial classic and add a level of opulence to any room. Modern chandeliers fit the needs of those looking for contemporary styling. Antler chandeliers are increasingly popular for hobby farms, lodges, and cabins. Farmhouse chandeliers add country styling to your room. Sputnik chandeliers have a modern or nostalgic space-age look and feel. They remind us of early generation satellites with various extension arms delivering light.

a wide range to choose from for your chandelier light

Dining room chandeliers can take many shapes and styles and should be suited to the overall design of the dining area, whether informal or formal. As a general rule, the chandelier should reflect the personality of the room and should fit the styling of the room interior or overall setting.

Be sure to proportion your chandelier appropriately to the size of your room or area. The wrong size chandelier, too large or too small, can be a source of dissatisfaction. A properly sized chandelier will be a source of excitement and visually support the room or area.