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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I determine the proper size chandelier for the foyer?

A. Simply add the dimensions together. For example, if your foyer is 12’ by 16’, add the 12 plus 16 to get 28. The proper size chandelier would be 28” in diameter. This works for any room. Make sure the bottom of the fixture does not hang more than 7’ from the floor. If windows are present, center the fixture in the window so it can be seen from outside.

Q. How do I determine the proper size chandelier for a dining table?

A. Choose a chandelier with a diameter half the width of the table. It should be hung with the bottom of the fixture 30” above the tabletop for an 8’ ceiling. Raise the fixture 3” for each additional foot of ceiling.

Q. What is the proper height to install wall sconces?

A. Wall sconces should be installed 60” from the floor. To illuminate an entire hallway, the wall sconces should be placed eight to ten feet apart.

Q. What is a chandelette?

A. A chandelette is a miniature chandelier. They have a smaller diameter than most other chandeliers; yet have all the features and details of a full-sized chandelier. Place them in your bathroom, breakfast nook or stairway landing.

Q. How can I get optimal lighting in my bathroom?

A. Position wall sconces on both sides of the mirror at least 28” apart and 60” above the floor. To fully surround your face with light, install a fixture that is at least 24” wide over the mirror. Adding a ceiling fixture can help balance the room with light.

Q. What size outdoor lantern do I need on my house?

A. You should think of the location from which the fixtures will be seen. While providing safety and security, front lanterns mainly add to the décor of your house. Also, think about the position of the fixture in relation to the outlet box. Does the fixture need to project upwards or does it need to hang below the junction box? The normal mounting height for an outdoor fixture is 66” above the ground, slightly above eye level.

Q. When should I use portable lamps in a room?

A. Portable lighting should be used where additional task lighting is needed. The bottom of a lampshade for either a floor lamp or table lamp should be approximately 42” from the floor.